TPCC Structure

Global leaders emphasize that solutions to climate change cannot be developed in silos. The TPCC represents a new era of collaboration to support climate action in tourism. The TPCC has convened over 60 of the world’s thought leaders on tourism and climate change from across academia, business, and civil society.

Lead Experts will bring unique and world-leading scientific expertise and knowledge, identify strategic topics and deliver Horizon Briefs. They will also provide input into indicators and data for the Stocktake, as well as undertake analysis and rigorous review to deliver the best-available knowledge through the science assessment. Three quarters (75%) of the top 20 contributors to the climate change and tourism scientific literature are part of the TPCC Lead Expert team.

Contributing Experts will identify strategic topics for Horizon Papers, identify indicators and data supporting the Stocktake, and provide rigorous review of the science assessment.

Their extensive networks throughout the sector are vital to connect research capacity with decision-makers and their informational needs.

The Advisory Group will provide strategic direction and advice for TPCC outputs, including policy engagement and work program.