The TPCC is an independent science-based international collaboration bringing together thought leaders around the world to inform and rapidly advance climate action across the global tourism system.

The TPCC is committed to changing the way we think about tourism and to strengthen the collaboration between the scientific and stakeholder communities to catalyse climate action in line with required emissions reductions pathways . The core values of the work by TPCC are:

  • Science-based: We confront the difficult realities of climate change with the firm belief that solutions should be guided by the best available authoritative science and knowledge.
  • Open and transparent: We are transparent in our operations as well as our review processes to ensure an objective and complete stocktake and science assessment that reflects diverse expertise and ensures wide sharing of knowledge and mutual learning.
  • Inclusive: We believe that partnership and collaboration is crucial to successful and just collective tourism action on climate change. We are committed to diverse disciplinary, professional, and national representation and the respectful exchange of knowledge and experience.
  • Solutions oriented: Generate and mobilize knowledge and innovation that is clearly aligned to priority decision-making needs identified through meaningful engagement with tourism stakeholder communities.