Science Assessment 2024

The scope and focal themes of the science assessment will be refined by the Lead and Contribution Experts in 2022. It will also benefit from non-academic work by leading organizations.

Writing teams will be organized in early 2023, with a draft report open to peer and stakeholder review in spring 2024.

The IPCC has the substantial task of providing its 195 member countries with comprehensive scientific information to support the development of climate policies and inform international climate change negotiations. The massive expansion of scientific, technical, and other sources of information on climate change over the last 20 years requires IPCC reports to adopt very strict page limits, constraining content on many themes and sectors. Despite the available scientific literature on climate change and tourism expanding by a factor of five between 2010 and 2020, tourism content in the IPCC 4th, 5th, and 6th Assessments has declined, as measured by number of tourism mentions per published page.

TPCC has assembled over 60 global thought leaders to undertake a science assessment to provide tourism sector and relevant non-tourism policy and decision-makers with a clear view of the current state of knowledge relevant to climate change and tourism. The 2024 TPCC science assessment will replace the highly cited 2007 science assessment, provided as the scientific background to the Davos Declaration on Tourism and Climate Change, when less than 5% of the current climate change and tourism scientific literature was available.