• Name: Ahurei Professor C. Michael Hall
  • Position: Ahurei Professor Department of Management, Marketing and Tourism, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

C. Michael Hall is Ahurei Professor at University of Canterbury, New Zealand; Eminent Scholar, Kyung Hee University; Guest Professor, Lund University Campus Helsingborg, Sweden; Visiting Professor, Linnaeus University, Kalmar, Sweden; Taylor’s University, Malaysia; Visiting Professor and Docent in Geography, University of Oulu, Finland; and Senior Fellow, University of Johannesburg. Co-editor of Current Issues in Tourism and Field Editor of Frontiers in Sustainable Tourism his research interests include tourism, regional development, global environmental change, food, sustainability, resilience, and World Heritage.

His tourism related interests in relation to climate change range from impacts on biodiversity, heritage, and communities through to mitigation and adaptation strategies. He has particular research interests in sustainable food and creating circular culinary systems as well as in waste management, public and active transport and micromobility, and the acceptability of sustainable energy infrastructure.