• Name: Moez KACEM
  • Position: Higher Institute of technological studies- Nabeul (Tunisia), Professor of tourism

Moez has worked with sustainable tourism for almost two decades. As an expert, he contributes a lot of governmental strategies in Africa in particular: first CIZM strategy in Tunisia, the resilience on climate change and zero carbon strategy in Tunisia as well as Ecotourism strategy in Senegal, capacity building for tourism actors in Congo Republic, Ecotourism Strategy in Tunisia. Since 2019, Moez is working on developing new inclusive and sustainable tourism zones in Morocco and Senegal. As an accredited auditor, Moez certifies Hotel groups and independent properties regarding sustainability standards (mainly Green Globe- the first ranked certification worldwide for sustainable tourism). Recently, he is appointed as a lead expert by the International Mountain Tourism Alliance (China) to evaluate its certifications on ecotourism and Hot springs. His main research interests lie in the study of the impacts of climate change on Tourism and the resilience strategies.

You can follow his chronicles on his website,