• Name: Dr Peter Forsyth
  • Position: Consultant, Monash University

Peter Forsyth came to Monash University in 1997, and has been Professor of Economics, and was for some time Chair of the Department of Economics. Much of his research has been on transport economics, (especially on the economics of aviation), and on the economics of tourism. He has published widely in these areas, including Tourism Economics and Policy, Second Edition, (with L Dwyer and W Dwyer, Channel View, 2020). He has been interested in airport economics for several years, and has researched pricing, capacity allocation and regulation.

More recently he has done considerable research on economic policies to reduce emissions of aviation, and published Aviation and Climate Change: Economic Perspectives on Greenhouse Gas Reduction Polices (with F Fichert and H-M Niemeier, Routledge, 2020). In doing so he has concentrated on the policy problems (rather than the technology issues). These include inducing airlines to reduce their emissions using emissions trading schemes, taxes and subsidies, sustainable aviation fuel mandates and offset mechanisms. In 2015 he was made a Fellow of the Air Transport Research Society.