• Name: Dr. Cenk Demiroglu
  • Position: Umeå University, Associate Professor

Cenk Demiroglu is an Associate Professor at the Department of Geography at Umeå University, Sweden. His research is mainly focused on the interrelationships of climate change and tourism. Besides, he has served as an expert to several destination development projects and teaches tourism and geographical information systems related courses at the basic and advanced levels. Cenk is an active member of Skål International, and, since 2018, has been working as the Co-chair of the Commission on Climate, Tourism and Recreation of the International Society of Biometeorology.

Cenk holds a B.A. degree in Tourism Administration (Bogazici University), an M.A. in Tourism Management (Istanbul University), an M.Sc. in Tourism (Umeå University), an M.Sc. in Spatial Planning and Development (Umeå University), an M.Sc. in Geographic Information Systems (Umeå University) and a PhD in Geography (Istanbul University). Prior to his affiliation with Umeå University in 2017, he has worked as a research fellow at Western Norway Research Institute, Matej Bel University (Slovakia), and the Istanbul Policy Center-Sabancı University-Stiftung Mercator Initiative (Turkey-Germany). He was also the Director of School of Tourism and Hospitality at Istanbul Bilgi University during 2015-2017.